Our service

We are engineers by heart. We have passion for technology and our range of machines and systems is a solid collection of craftsmanship in which we believe and in which we can guarentee quality. That's why we put the same effort in maintenance as in the development of the machinery and automation systems. In unexpected challenges our service is quick and with no nonsense. We simply take care of the problem.  We are available from Monday to Friday from 08:00 am. until 05:00 pm.


Call us:  +31 594 517521
Email: service@boikon.nl



An important aspect of our service is to take responsibility. And that is exactly what we do from the first day. With our experience we are able to timely anticipate on small and big challenges of a project.


Our customers are involved in every step of the development. Together we determine an extensive planning. This prevents surprises during the execution of a project. Together with you, we want to put time and effort in creating appropriate solutions


Continuous change in the production and packaging industry requires flexibility. This important aspect marks our way of development, engineering and our service. No nine-to-five mentality, no telephone menu but simply personal contact.