Box elevator

A box elevator is a vertical conveyor solution designed for boxes. The box elevator can by implemented in any automated production line. A box elevator automatically move the boxes up or down. The system can be expanded with a sorting and detection system often needen with certain quality control processes. 

A box elevator is a good solution when the conveyoing switches between different heights. This solution takes up very little floor space. 

Benefits vertical conveyoing

Vertical conveyor systems help to utilize the number of square meters of the floor surface better. Our boxes elevator is built for heavy use so very suitable for production lines with high capacity. There is an elevator for each box size and weight.

Features box elevator

  • Ability to bridge large height differences on a small floor area
  • Suitable for various box sizes
  • Integration of sorter and detection system possible
  • Easy to extend or adapt
  • Can be perfectly adapted to your requirements
  • Low maintenance systems

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