Chain conveyors

A chain conveyor is the right transport system if you want to convey single products or a large amount of products at the same time. Ideal for a long production line whith sharp turns and a combination of horizontal and vertical transport.

High quality materials and components

For the design of our aluminium chain conveyors we combine our own developed conveyors systems

Chain conveyor - Boikon automation

SS Chain conveyor - Boikon B.V. Automation

with the high-quality materials and components from FlexLink ® or MS Plus Automation ®. 

Stainless steel chain conveyors for food and tobacco

We have developed a Stainless steel chain conveyor for the food and tobacco industry. A hygienic, abrasion resistant and durable conveyor that has proven itself in practice. The stainless steel chain conveyor repels dirt, so that the chain will not be polluted.

Aluminum chain conveyor

  • High quality materials and components from
    FlexLink® or MS Plus Automation®
  • Suitable for vertical transport of products
  • Length: 1 m up to 30 m
  • Chain width: 43 mm up to 295 mm
  • Convey speed: 20 up to 80 m/min


Stainless steel chain conveyor

  • Own developed chain conveyor system for environments where abrasive wear by dirt and dust pose a problem
  • Dirt and drop drain by return chain protection
  • Easy to clean by open and clean design; ' Wash down & Clean '
  • Length: 1 m up to 30 m
  • Chain width: 85 mm
  • Convey speed: 20 up to 80 m/min

Features chain conveyors

  • High quality chain conveyor systems from FlexLink® and MS Plus Automation® (Schüco CS SL – Stretch Line)
  • Extensive chain delivery programme, from small and compact to very wide
  • Different types of chain (smooth, rubber, carriers, electrically conductive etc.)
  • Driven transitions for even more smooth transfer (optional)
  • Small bend radius
  • High operational safety
  • Low noise production
  • The system requires little maintenance
  • Supplied with CE documentation included

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