Shaping Technological Innovations

BOIKON is shaping the future. We create new opportunities, new pathways, new challenges and new solutions.

The power of Dutch innovation

Ever since our founding in 1996, we are at the forefront of technological innovation, delivering products and automation processes that don't just make life easier for our clients, but also make a difference within society.

Shaping technological innovations

Our technologies

BOIKON is like a dynamic, living and creating organism. It can adapt to challenges and demands from clients. To opportunities in the market. And to technological developments.

DUCO Systems

Modular systems that allow you to design flexible production and working environments

Discover 25 years of certified quality!

DJURA Technologies

Track your products during production and distribution with reliable track and trace systems.

Protect your brand and products!

FALKO Technologies

Processing of next-gen lightweight materials, suitable for any production process

Ready for a light-weight powerhouse?

SYBOLT Technologies

The answer to the shortage of both houses and professionals in the construction industry

Building better bricks

FOSKE Technologies

The answer to shortage of professionals and healthy aging at the CSSD

Put your Sterilisation Department ahead of the game!

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What characterizes us

A passion for technology


Our team of more than 70 talented and experienced engineers does not shy away from a challenge. These experts in mechanical, software, hardware and electrical engineering are only too happy to explore uncharted territory in their search for the superior solution, often found in combining various techniques, such as vision, track & trace, handling & transport, ultrasonic welding and robotics. The goal is always the same: improving production processes.



The innate curiosity of our engineers extends beyond technology. We are also very interested in how production processes work within organizations and how they can be improved. We want to understand these processes in detail in order to unleash our inventiveness. This way we ensure that the solution we come up with is really your solution. Tailor-made, for the full 100% percent!



Finding groundbreaking solutions in production automation often involves trial and error. This requires flexibility and perseverance, two qualities you will experience when working with us. Not only during the development phase, but also during the implementation in your production process. We will continue until the goal is achieved, ensuring that everything remains up to date and improving the result through continuous development.

Proven solutions


Over the past 25 years, BOIKON has developed innovative technological solutions for specific markets. We help the pharmaceutical and tobacco industries with track & trace technology. Hospitals in automating the sterilization of medical instruments. The construction industry in finishing prefabricated facades. And the automotive and aerospace industries in manufacturing strong, lightweight products.

Succesful together


We view the automation of production processes as a process. We use a full service concept in our partnerships. From intelligent development to thorough implementation to reliable service. In a continuous improvement process, we update the software and optimize the solution. After all, your success is our success.

Our people

Marijn Tiemens Service coordinator
Stefan Absen Support & software engineer
Niels Beukers Support & software engineer
Nico van Unen Sales engineer

The next challenge

At BOIKON, we are hungry for new techniques and technological innovations, to solve business-critical problems. Are you facing an issue for which you cannot find an existing solution? Then get in touch with us. We will gladly take on that challenge together with you!