With over twenty years of experience in production automation, your wish for automation paves the way to new ideas! BOIKON shapes the future. We create new opportunities, new paths, new challenges and solutions.


Solving business-critical issues by developing innovative technological solutions - that's what energizes us!


At BOIKON we develop technological solutions for automating and optimizing production processes. In particular, solutions for packaging and handling processes. Our twenty years of experience in production automation has led to a wide range of machines and handling equipment.


Engineering is our core business. Therefore, we maintain the entire engineering process in-house and have our own team of talented engineers. A group of experienced technicians with deep knowledge of a wide variety of technical disciplines. We all have a passion for engineering and the drive to always design more and more innovative solutions.

Assembly and installation

Our premises have the space and facilities to assemble a complete production line. During the development phase of your product, there will be a number of delivery moments, during which you can see the status of the project and partly or fully view the realization of your product.

The power

BOIKON is synonymous with smart technology, creative inspirations, innovative automation and powerful designs. All under one roof. We have the solution today for the issue you won't think of until tomorrow. That's what we call shaping technological innovations.


Software brings a machine or system to life. We believe that this can only be realized through good cooperation between the engineers involved. Therefore, BOIKON has an in-house crew dedicated to software engineering and mechanical engineering. We develop both the control and the mechanical systems.

Project management

The creation of any automation solution requires a structured approach. Over the years, we have gained experience with a wide variety of diverse projects. This experience has led to our own developed project management strategy. Our working method includes a meticulous process of preparation, planning, execution and completion. We take care of all project management tasks for you.


The service BOIKON provides doesn't stop after we install a machine or implement a piece of software. We remain involved, interested, and available 24/7. This way you can be assured that everything will still work as well in 10 years as it did on the day it was delivered.

  • Shaping Technological Innovations

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