In a laboratory, scientists or students conduct chemical, biological and physical research. Changing air, cooling, heating and extracting gases and vapors are essential processes for a safe working environment and reliable results.

Automating lab processes

BOIKON supports hospitals and research institutions in automating logistics processes. Each type of laboratory (biological, chemical, forensic) has different guidelines. Customers tell us how their processes run. Based on this information, we draw up an automation solution, for cost-effective and safe optimization of the lab processes.

Aluminum Profile System

BOIKON has many years of experience in the furnishing of laboratories. We give shape to your laboratory furnishing wishes by means of the aluminum profile system (APS). The APS is the basis for a modular furnishing system for laboratories and research institutions. Easy to assemble, disassemble and expand.

Modular laboratory design

The cloud structures, ceiling systems, wall systems and workstation cells can be linked in a modular fashion to create a custom, flexible lab facility. Including gutter constructions with the housing of all fittings and electrical components, and good accessibility through removable doors, panels and windows. Each profile is fully equipped with the necessary slots for cabling and piping.

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