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We are engineers at heart. We have a passion for technology and we believe in and guarantee solid craftsmanship. Therefore, as much attention goes into maintenance as into the development of a machine or system. In the event of unexpected malfunctions, our service is fast and hassle-free. We’re just here to ensure it’s solved as quickly as possible.


Taking responsibility is an important aspect of our service, starting from day one. Through our experience in several projects, we foresee small and large challenges within a project in a timely manner. From technical bugs to whether a design will fit through your front door.

Customer-specific service

Better to prevent than to cure

Of course you want your installation to run without any problems. BOIKON offers the possibility of a customer-specific service and maintenance plan. Through preventive inspections, failures can be prevented in time and maintenance costs remain manageable. Future work becomes more transparent and can be included in the planning and budgeting.

Rules and regulations

Up-to-date in accordance with all requirements

Nowadays, safety is a key component within organizations. BOIKON delivers installations according to the legal guidelines, such as low voltage guidelines, EMC guidelines and Machine Directives.

Added value

Involved in every step of the process

Our technicians provide added value through knowledge and self-reliance. They can provide you with on-site advice on useage and user maintenance. You can count on us for troubleshooting, overhauls, modifications or spare parts.


You remain involved in every step of the development. Together, we take the time to draw up a reliable plan. The better this is done, the fewer surprises during implementation. Together with you, we put time and energy into creating appropriate solutions.


BOIKON is also the right place for support in training your staff. Optimizing your production process begins with the creation of the solution. But the solutions only reach their full potential when your employees feel comfortable with the new systems and know how to act in special situations.

Service and maintenance

We see the automation of production processes as a process. We use a full service concept in our cooperation. From intelligent development to thorough implementation to reliable service. In a continuous improvement process we update the software and perfect the solution. After all, your success is our success, and we go to great lengths to achieve it.

Marijn Tiemens Service coordinator
Niels Beukers Support & Software engineer
Stefan Absen Support & Software engineer
Hans de Haan Support & Software engineer
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