With all the technical solutions, Boikon is operational in a wide range of sectors. Below a selection of the markets in which we are operational.


Get to know the innovative Luxovius collaboration project between GKN Fokker, Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre, NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences and BOIKON. Read more about the project here!

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Manufacturers in the aerospace industry, in addition to striving to reduce costs, must also respond in a timely manner to changes in environmental legislation. The biggest challenge is to produce lighter and more maintenance friendly aircraft.

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The car industry, or automotive, has seen many developments in the past. Cars today are becoming more and more luxuriously equipped with new technologies and heavy battery packs. This has increased the weight in recent years. To compensate for this, automotive, like aerospace, is looking for alternative, lighter materials.

Read more about BOIKON and automotive.

Food industries

The food industry is one of the leaders in the field of production automation. Companies continue to develop strongly and their requirements around production capacity and efficiency are becoming more demanding.

Read more about BOIKON and the food industry.

Institutions of knowledge

Knowledge institutions, also called universities, colleges, research institutes and teaching hospitals, are responsible for 80% of the research in the Netherlands. In the field of education and research, a safe workplace is essential. It is common knowledge that universities are allocated minimal resources, so being able to work efficiently is of key importance.

Read more about what BOIKON has to offer to knowledge institutions.


In a laboratory, scientists or students conduct chemical, biological and physical research. Changing air, cooling, heating and extracting gases and vapors are essential processes for a safe working environment and reliable results.

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The manufacturing industry is responsible for a large part of Dutch GDP. It is essential for the Dutch economy that this industry continues to develop and remains flexible, ensuring the position of Dutch trade in relation to international competitors.

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Within the medical industry, we focus on companies that produce and package medical devices. Packaging must protect the medically sterile instruments from external influences such as moisture, dust, falls and impacts.

BOIKON and the medical sector.


Along with life sciences companies, pharmaceutical companies are highly dependent on changes in healthcare and developments within medicine.

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Tobacco industries

Of all industries, the tobacco industry is perhaps the most subject to changes in laws and regulations. This causes products and packaging to be changed on a regular basis. The tobacco industry is therefore forced to regularly modify their production and packaging lines.

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