About us


BOIKON is synonymous with smart technology, creative inspirations, innovative automation and powerful designs. All under one roof. We have the solution today for the issue you won't think of until tomorrow. That's what we call shaping technological innovations.

Shape the world

BOIKON is like a dynamic, living and creating organism. It can adapt to challenges and demands from clients. To opportunities in the market. And to technological developments.

BOIKON develops new technologies, shapes the world and gives color to different sectors, products and services. We do this through our 'engines': DJURA, FALKO, FOSKE, SYBOLT and DUCO. These engines keep our innovation generator running, from track & trace to sterilization departments to aircraft components to housing construction.

Shape the future

BOIKON has great formative ability. Our engineers continuously invent new solutions and solve problems. Create opportunities and make existing technology ever better.

Even if we wanted to, we can't sit still. Proactive techies, in heart and soul. That's the energy and flexibility you experience when you work with us, and it's what you see reflected in our slogan: SHAPING TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATIONS.

Shape the core

Our engines operate under their own name in the market within their specific sector, but our home base always remains the headquarters in Leek, the Netherlands. BOIKON is the business keeper there that maintains, updates and further develops the solutions provided. In this way, we provide space for knowledge transfer and smart cooperation, and we bundle our innovation forces. That's why we say: DJURA, FOSKE, DUCO, FALKO and SYBOLT are all POWERED BY BOIKON.

  • Shaping Technological Innovations

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