The car industry, or automotive, has seen many developments in the past. Cars today are becoming more and more luxuriously equipped with new technologies and heavy battery packs. This has increased the weight in recent years. To compensate for this, automotive, like aerospace, is looking for alternative, lighter materials.

Thermoplastic composite

Carbon fiber or glass fiber reinforced UD tape is an interesting production material for several industries. The correct laying strategy of thermoplastic composite UD tape provides a rock-solid material that is simultaneously ultra-light, as product optimization (thickness optimizations) is an option. In addition, you save on costly materials. These advantages make the material extremely suitable for the aerospace and automotive industries.

Thermoplast manufacturing machine

The increasing demand for thermoplastic UD tapes will also increase the demand for an efficient production process. BOIKON has developed an ATL machine for this purpose, aimed at the production of high volumes of thermoplastic products. The Falko ATL produces laminates built up from UD tape rolls, which are ready for consolidation.

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