Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is responsible for a large part of Dutch GDP. It is essential for the Dutch economy that this industry continues to develop and remains flexible, ensuring the position of Dutch trade in relation to international competitors. In addition, innovations in production processes also contribute to solving social problems. Think of circular manufacturing as a solution to the waste problem.

Intelligent automation systems

Profitability in the manufacturing industry must remain optimal. This requires smarter and more efficient solutions for manufacturing processes. Because the products in the manufacturing industry are subject to change, automation systems must be flexible. Boikon develops handling equipment and transport systems which contribute to an optimal production process. Through modular engineering, automation solutions can be expanded or modified.

Safe factories and production areas

Machines in the manufacturing industry produce at high speeds and often with more noise than allowed by law. A safe working environment with sound insulation is essential for the safety of your production personnel. There are numerous regulations and general provisions stipulating which noise and safety regulations your production process must comply with. Our specialists design customized enclosures and barriers to protect your staff without compromising accessibility.

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