Tobacco industries

Of all industries, the tobacco industry is perhaps the most subject to changes in laws and regulations. This causes products and packaging to be changed on a regular basis. The tobacco industry is therefore forced to regularly modify their production and packaging lines.

Automation in the tobacco industry calls for flexible frames and structures

The tobacco industry is proof that the best solution must be a flexible one. Products and packaging change at a rapid pace. Our solutions are built from modular building blocks, both mechanically and in terms of control technology, that ar easy to adapt to future requirements.

Tobacco handling

We develop and manufacture installations and systems for a wide variety of applications in the tobacco industry. Whether it's total conveying and handling solutions, high-end tobacco feeding systems or end-of-line solutions, BOIKON automates and optimizes all production processes. Our product platform includes a wide range of solutions for primary tobacco, filter production, cigarette handling, production and packaging of cigars and other tobacco products (MYO / RYO).

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