Manufacturers in the aerospace industry, in addition to striving to reduce costs, must also respond in a timely manner to changes in environmental legislation. The biggest challenge is to produce lighter and more maintenance-friendly aircraft.

Optimizing the production of thermoplastic composite

Aircraft are increasingly made of composite materials. The advantages around weight reduction and lower production costs make thermoplastic composite a valuable material. BOIKON helps partners in aerospace to optimize the production of thermoplastic composite parts and make it profitable.

Uni-directional tape

Thermoplastic composite, and specifically thermoplastic composite uni-directional tape (UD tape), is an innovative material with unique properties that are very valuable to the aerospace industry. The material is extremely light, durable, recyclable and the processing can be automated. The tape laying technology we developed contributes to an optimal manufacturing process of UD tape.

Thermoplast tape laying machine

Thermoplastic composite UD tape was not an accessible production material for all industries until recently. Required knowledge around the processing and production of the thermoplastic composite requires a lot of investment in resources and knowledge. The result is a high cost price. The Falko ATL produces thermoplastic composite laminates and near-net-shape products. The ultrasonic welding technology enables safe, reliable and efficient production of thermoplastic composite products. In combination with various innovative technologies, the production of thermoplastic composite parts becomes cost-effective.

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