Within the medical industry, we focus on companies that produce and package medical devices. Packaging must protect the medically sterile instruments from external influences such as moisture, dust, falls and impacts. The medical industry is an industry that, like the pharmaceutical industry, relies heavily on changes in healthcare. In addition to an efficient packaging process, health and safety objectives are also of great importance.

Packing and unpacking

Suppliers of sterile medical devices must ensure the sterilization of their products. In turn, the users of these devices, such as hospitals, must also protect the devices in their processes, whether in manufacturing, transport or use. In the medical industry, with every packing and unpacking process, sterile presentation is a key focus. These processes require well-organized workstations.

Packaging process of sterilized medical devices

There are guidelines for setting up a packaging line that transports and packages sterilized medical devices in an efficient and safe manner. BOIKON has experience with this and can advise you in your step towards automation. We supply innovative transport systems and handling equipment that meet safety requirements, and we can optimize each packaging line to size and think along with the business design. We use a flexible assembly system to construct multifunctional facilities.

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