Food Industries

The food industry is one of the leaders in the field of production automation. Companies continue to develop strongly and their requirements around production capacity and efficiency are becoming more demanding.


The food industry, compared to other industries, is highly subject to competitive pressures. Margins are under pressure and consumer demands are changing by the day. The four largest industries are the meat processing industry, dairy industry, bread and confectionery industry and AGF - processing industry.

Food Safety

A requirement in the food industry: food safety. Therefore, the industry desires hygienic materials for all conveyors and handling systems that food may come into contact with. With the continuous innovation of products and packaging, the food industry challenges us to apply flexible, intelligent production systems in modern industry.

Wide range of automation solutions

We also have a wide pallet of automation solutions for the food industry. Conveyor systems, FiFo buffer systems, palletizers and depalletizers, sorting systems for the production line etc.  Whether for existing transport and handling solutions or new ideas, Boikon automates and optimizes your production processes.

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