The voice of a customer

Giving and maintaining our customer’s lead, that’s what drives us in our daily work. It is truly satisfying to receive recognition and appreciation for the work we deliver.

Arjen Klatter (Manager development & engineering) and his team were put in the spotlight after successfully completing the TPD Track & Trace project. A nice expression of appreciation for the fine collaboration and the many years of development of our Track & Trace platform!

Dear Arjen,

BAT Niemeyer would like to thank you for a piece of life’s work that you delivered at our production site in 2019. With an enormous commitment and a pragmatic and hands-on mentality you delivered a masterpiece. By doing so, you prepared BAT Niemeyer for the future and turned the TPD 2019 project into a success. 

Without the commitment of your innovative company and the commitment of all individuals this would not have happened.

Thank you,

Management and TPD 2019 project team

Ricardo Rotsma, TPD lead